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General German placement test -> Online, pdf, dsh testdaf exam
Intermdiate levels (B2 - C1)
placement test pdf, dsh testdaf exam
placement test pdf dsh testdaf exam

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Age Group All Ages
Course Content General Language
Course Length Individual
Course Dates Individual
Course Levels A1 to A2
Timeplan flexible
Lessons Approx. 60 independent study lessons / Conversation as requested
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Course description

If you are ready to learn German flexibly and from the comfort of your own home, but not without the aid of a professional trainer, we recommend our eLearning German Course.  Even if you are in Germany, but can’t visit a German course regularly, the online German course is right for you.  This way you can learn German when, where and as intensively you wish.

The eLearning German Course covers all this:

  • Acquiring all the fundamentals, applying German to your career or field, refreshing  and building upon what you’ve already learned
  • User language German or English
  • Integrated tutor exercises with text and audio feedback as well as corrections
  • Over 100 everyday situations in text, image, sound and video
  • Audio dictionary, read-along listening texts, comprehensive grammar (explained in German or English) with examples and useful links for further reading and learning, checkups with interactive tests, diverse speaking, repeating, and pronunciation exercises
  • Interactive communication features like chat, audio and video conferencing
  • Topics including greetings, making acquaintences, daily routines, the work day, booking a hotel, seeing a doctor, telephoning, studies, leisure time
  • No prior German knowledge required
  • Combine with offline CD ROM

Your personal tutor – a qualified native speaker – helps throughout the course:

  • Checks your homework via email
  • Offers feedback and useful learning tips, exercises
  • Communicates via chat, audio and video conferencing


Bear in mind that  you’ll need a broadband internet access, headphones and (for video conferencing) microphone and webcam.

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For further information, rates and registration directly into the learning platform visit: