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Intermdiate levels (B2 - C1)
placement test pdf, dsh testdaf exam
placement test pdf dsh testdaf exam

German and Internship


Age Group 18 to 26
Course Content General Language | Preparation for internship
Course Length Minimum 4 weeks, Prices
Course Dates Year-round | every Monday | Current Courses
Course Levels B1 and up
Timeplan 09:30 am -2 pm | Monday to Friday
Lessons 25 x 45 Minuten + Independent study lab
Participants Average 8 students, 12 max.
Freetime program 2 weekly activities / Weekend excursions on demand
Accommodation Guest family | student share housing (WG) | Private Room | Prices

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In order to obtain an internship in Germany you need

  • good German knowledge (B1 and up).  In some exceptions, very good English and basic German knowledge A2 are accepted
  • permission from the central office of employment (ZAV)

*If you are over 18 and a citizen of the EU, USA, Switzerland, Japan, or Australia, obtaining this permission is no problem.  For other nationalities, you must be a student at a secondary school in your home country and are taking  on an internship as class credit.

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Program Description

If you are interested in applying your German skills in a professional specialized field in Dresden, a combination „German Course“ and „Company Internship“ are recommended.  Such a reference will be helpful later on for your career.

We arrange for internships in the fields of architecture, tourism, gastronomy, office communications, marketing and design.  The internship is at any rate possible in Dresden.  We will take into consideration your preferred location and companies, although we cannot guarantee them.  In this case we will propose a suitable alternative. 


Be aware that internships in Germany are categorically unpaid.  However some firms do provide a small stipend for living expenses.

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In order to register with us, you must have at least completed a 4-week Intensive course at Kästner Kolleg.  Please include the complete application form (including work form) and a letter of motivation.

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In addition to the course prices we charge a service fee of 250 euro. Included are the following:

  • Arranging for the desired internship (or alternative offer)
  • Arranging for room and board
  • Contacting and obtaining permission from ZAV
  • Preparation fro the Internship

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