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DSH/TestDaF Preparation Courses


Age Group Ages 16 and up
Course Content General German + DSH/TestDaF-preparation 
Course Length 4 to 16 weeks, Prices
Course Dates start dates
Course Levels B2, C2
Timeplan 09:30 am - 2 pm | Monday to Friday
Lessons 25 x 45 Minutes + independent study lab
Participants Average 5 students (max. 12)
Freetime program 2 weekly activities
Accommodation Guest family | Student shared housing | Private room | Prices

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Course description

Prepare effectively for the DSH or TestDaf test with our 25-hour weekly intensive preparation course.  This course is for you if you have not yet achieved a level of C1 or C2 German fluency. Starting from any level between B2 and C2, the length of the course is planned accordingly. We will gladly give you further advice.

The intensive course combines general advanced German language skills with specific exercises, themes, and testing skills for the DSH or TestDaF.  For example, we work on strategies for selective reading comprehension, text summarisation, composing scientific texts, or oral expression and analysis of topical subject matter like politics, technology or humanities.

Your teacher will make sure that you remain an active participant,  intensively exchanging and discussing opinions with the other participants.  Beyond classroom activities, the teacher will also give you tips as well as additional practice.

Learning projects will deal with test-relevant topics like ecology, and you will be dealing with current issues and how to address them in oral communication.

Last but not least, you will refresh and expand your grammar skills, especially those needed for complex sentence structures.

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A typical school day

The class begins each day at 09:30 am and ends at 2 pm.  There are two breaks in between during which you can relax in the neighboring park, fetch a drink from the cafeteria, check emails or visit with friends.

In the afternoon, you can use the independent study lab to enhance what you have learned, or to help with projects.   We're always there to help out.

And during the numerous free time activities like ourGerman Stammtisch you have opportunities to apply and improve your language skills

Mix of nationalities

  • speak english English speakers – 20%
  • speak czech Czech speakers – 10%
  • speak russian Russian speakers – 10%
  • speak spanish Spanish speakers – 15%
  • speak japanese Japanese speakers – 5%
  • speak korean Corean speakers – 5%
  • speak italian Italian speakers – 5%
  • Others – 25%