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Studying in Dresden

Why study in Dresden?

  1. Choice of 6 colleges or vocational schools for studying Science, Dance, Engineering, Art, Music, Sociology, Humanities, Medicine
  2. Excellent reputation both home and abroad for quality education
  3. Well equipped and modern class buildings and libraries
  4. Degrees like Bachelor and Master acknowledged throughout Europe
  5. Central location and proximity of all campuses
  6. Appealing free time and entertainment possibilities in art, culture, architecture and health in the capital of Saxony (Dresden)
  7. Harmony between tradition and modernity, nature and internationality
  8. Low cost of living and studying (No tuition fees!)

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Universities and Subjects in Dresden

Technische Universität Dresden (TU)

You can study the following subjects at TU Dresden:

  • Humanities and Social Studies
    - Language, Literature, Cultural Studies e.g. German Studies, Slavic /BA
    - Sociology /Diploma, BA

  • Computer Science, e.g.
    - Information Technology/Diploma, BA, MA
    - Media IT/Diploma, BA

  • Engineering, e.g.
    - Mechanical Engineering/Diploma
    - Forestry/Diploma, BA, MA

  • Economics, e.g.
    - Transportation Science/Diploma
    - Business Informatics/Diploma

  • Medicine  
    - Medicine/State Exam
    - Dentistry/State Exam

  • Science and Mathematics, e.g.
    - Technomathematics/Diploma
    - Molecular Biotechnology/BA, MA

  • Educational Science, e.g.
    - Pedagogy/Socialpedagogy, Diploma

  • Advanced Studies, e.g.
    - Common Paths To Europe: Magister
    - Software Technology/Diploma

  • International Masterprogram, e.g.
    - German Studies: Culture and Communication
    - International Relations
    - Elektrotechnics

Applications are made directly at the institution where one intends to study.

Contact/Postal address:
TU Dresden
Akademisches Auslandsamt
01062 Dresden

Fax: +49 351 463 37738

Contact for application questions for foreign applicants:

Contact for foreign students:
TU Dresden Service point, Mommsenstr. 10, Toepler-Bau, 1. Etage, Raum 223 Frau Hesse
Tel. +49 351 463 35786

Visiting hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 9:30 – 11:30 and 12:30 – 15:00
Friday 9:00 – 12:00

Tram Nr. 8 to Hauptbahnhof, then Busl 72/76 to "Mommsenstraße"

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (FH)

The HTW offers practically orientated, short studies in subjects like:

  • Engineering
  • Informatics and Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Cultivation and Horticulture
  • Cartography

Informationen for study: www.htw-dresden.de.

Contact Partner:

Frau Christiane Winkler
Akademisches Auslandsamt
Friedrich-List Platz 1
01069 Dresden

Tel.: +49 (0)351 462 3519
mail: winkler@verwaltung.htw-dresden.de

Train or Tram 3,7,8, 9,10,11 or Bus  72,76 to Dresden-Hauptbahnhof

Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden

At the HBKD you can study not only Painting and Sculpture, but also Stage and Set Design

Contact Partner:
Herr Franke
Güntzstraße 34
01307 Dresden

Tel.: +49 351 4402140
Web: www.hfbk-dresden.de

Tram Nr. 13 or Nr. 6 to "Sachsenallee"

Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber

Contact Address
Wettiner Platz 13
01067 Dresden

Tel.: +49 351 4923634
Web: www.hfmdd.de

Visiting times:
Monday to Friday:  9:30 - 12:00
Tuesday, Thursday:    9:30 - 12:00  and 13:30 - 15:00  

Tram Nr. 6 to "Könneritzstraße"

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If you don’t quite have all the requirements that you need to be accepted to a German university, it is possible to attend preparatory college. Notes specific to each country for acceptance to higher learning can be found in the evaluation guidelines of the Ministry of Culture Conference databank and in the acceptance databank of the DAAD.

The 2 semester preparatory college ends with a final test to evaluate if the foreign applicant has suitably met requirements to be accepted to study in Germany. Application to the preparatory college can be carried out at the institute where the student ultimately aims to study.

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Mix of nationalities

  • speak english English speakers – 20%
  • speak czech Czech speakers – 10%
  • speak russian Russian speakers – 10%
  • speak spanish Spanish speakers – 15%
  • speak japanese Japanese speakers – 5%
  • speak korean Corean speakers – 5%
  • speak italian Italian speakers – 5%
  • Others – 25%