Summer in Dresden
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Placement tests

General German placement test -> Online, pdf, dsh testdaf exam
Intermdiate levels (B2 - C1)
placement test pdf, dsh testdaf exam
placement test pdf dsh testdaf exam

Long Term Intensive course, 8 - 48 weeks


Age Group Ages 16 and up
Course Content General Language Skills
Course Length 8 | 16 | 24 | 32 | 40 | 48 weeks, >Prices
Course Dates Year-round | every Monday
Beginner 2010: 20.09.; 18.10.; 15.11. and 2011: January 24; February 21; March 21; April 18; May 16; June 14; July 11; August 8; September 5; October 4; November 1, November 28
Course Levels Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C2)
Timeplan 09.30 am to 2 pm | Monday to Friday
Lessons 25 Lessons  (45 Minutes = 1 lesson)
Participants Average of 8 students (12 maximum)

2 weekly activities (or 5 + weekend excursions in summer)

Accommodation Guest family | Student shared housing | Private room | >Prices

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Course description

German Course Long Term Intensive courses are ideal if you want to go from zero to level B1 (ZD) or to prepare for the university entrance exams (DSH or TestDaf) at the most affordable price.

In the beginner levels (A1-B1) you will learn reading comprehension, listening comprehension, pronunciation, grammar, writing and basic vocabulary.  The main point, however, is speaking and understanding in everyday life.

Vocabulary, grammar and the other skills are then built upon and expanded in the advanced levels (B2-C2), and the focus is on the various uses of language in writing and speaking.

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A typical school day

The "Intensive Course 25" starts each day at 09.30 am and finishes at 2 pm.  There are two breaks in between, during which you can relax in the neighboring park, help yourself to a beverage from the cafeteria, check your email, or chat with your friends.

Afterwards there is the possibility to use what you've learned in Free time activities, check out a film from our media library, or surf the net.  Everything is included in the price of the course.  At weekend we go on excursions where you visit Saxony, Berlin, or Prague.

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After the course

Once you've completed the three basic levels (A1, A2, B1) you are ready for the B1 German Certificate Test. You can take the test at our school.  We are proud of our students’ 95 % pass rate.

Of course, once you’ve finished level B1 you can immediately continue with level B2 and prepare yourself for the University entrance tests DSH or TestDaF  or for occupational requirements.