German the delicious way

Learn how to cook Saxon delicacy like >Kartoffelsuppe< or >Eierschecke< ->> lecker .

German the sportive way

Learn German with your backhand. Play tennis in the afternoon and learn German the fun way. Ain´t this a beating argument!



In addition to your morning German classes, we offer a number of workshops in the Summer as private or conversation groups.

These practically orientated German classes are ideal for rounding out the language course and combine the useful with the pleasant. At request we offer the following workshops.  Besides that we can also arrange for workshops in other themes.

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Mix of nationalities

  • speak english English speakers – 20%
  • speak czech Czech speakers – 10%
  • speak russian Russian speakers – 10%
  • speak spanish Spanish speakers – 15%
  • speak japanese Japanese speakers – 5%
  • Corean speakers – 5%
  • speak italian Italian speakers – 5%
  • Others – 25%