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International cultural program at the TU Dresden

Kästner Kolleg e.V. is officially in charge of the social & cultural program at the cultural office of the TU Dresden and its foreign students. 

For this program we organise excursions inside and outside of Germany, trips to cultural sights, culture evenings with a focus on special countries and topics, our weekly "Stammtisch" (roundtable meeting),  smaller and bigger parties like the "end of the year celebration", concerts, film and game nights, workshops, lectures, visits to museums and much more.

We aim to provide foreign students with a representative cross section of not only Germany's culture, politics, arts and history but above all modern Germany. Simply put, we want to show them the country and its people and get to know each other better. 


Current cultural offerings at the Culture Office of the TU Dresden

The current program at the Intenational Culture Office you can find here:


Cultural Tandem Partners

We place great importance on the integration effect, meaning that we value both the interaction among the international students and their interaction with Germans.

This can, as for example, occur between cultural tandem partners, where two students meet and learn about one other's cultures. More about find here.


Your ideas and suggestions 

Your suggestions and ideas are always welcome and supported. Contact us today! :)

Mix of nationalities

  • speak english English speakers – 20%
  • speak czech Czech speakers – 10%
  • speak russian Russian speakers – 10%
  • speak spanish Spanish speakers – 15%
  • speak japanese Japanese speakers – 5%
  • speak korean Corean speakers – 5%
  • speak italian Italian speakers – 5%
  • Others – 25%