Discover the East –
Welcome to Dresden
Kästner Kolleg - TANDEM Dresden was founded in
1998 and is now one of the leading language schools
in the beautiful and culturally historic city of
Learning German
With us you can learn German the whole year round
and, with about 60 participants from all over the
world, you will learn in an international
environment with a personal atmosphere.
In our intensive course, which starts each month at
all levels, you will be able to move up one
complete CEF level, (e.g. from A1 to A2) in just 8
weeks. At the same time we place a lot of value on
your verbal communication skills, so that you will
soon be able talk with the warm-hearted people of
Kästner Kolleg - TANDEM Dresden would not only
like to give you the highest quality of teaching, but
also a home away from home. Through selected
accommodation with German hosts and flat-mates,
with the help of our cultural and excursion
program, and also by coordinating students with
tandem partners, we will bring you into close
contact with the city, its people and its culture.
Dresden has a lot of culture to offer: the world
famous city landmarks such as the baroque Zwinger
with its famous art galleries, the Frauenkirche,
Meissen and its porcelain, palaces and castles,
national parks, mountain ranges and forests in the
surrounding areas offer opportunities for many
leisure activities. And Dresden loves its parties! It
organizes festivals, balls, parties, concerts and
other events the whole year round.
Kästner Kolleg - TANDEM Dresden is located in the
middle of the city with all its activities, but is
positioned in a quiet area within the cosmopolitan
Neustadt district. The district has very good tram
and bus connections and offers innovative art
galleries, unusual independent shops, cinemas,
colourful facades, and hidden courtyards as well as
cosy cafés and bars.

The school
In our newly enlarged and refurnished school you
will find 10 bright, well equipment classrooms.
There is also a library, a media room, a gallery and
a comfortable cafeteria - of course with WI-LAN.
And just next to the school is the Alaun park - the
green lung of the quarter - a place for relaxing and
many leisure activities.
We are looking forward to meeting you! Secure your
place today, because “the early bird catches the
Kästner Kolleg – TANDEM Dresden is accredited by:
• State Education Agency of Saxony
• Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)
for funded integration courses
• Member of Tandem International, ALTO, WYSETC
• TELC Examination Center A2-C1
• In charge of the Cultural Office of the excellence
university TU Dresden
As a member of TANDEM
(www.tandem- we are inspected
and accredited. Our quality seal
guarantees you to find high
teaching quality and great
service whenever you come to our school.
Kästner Kolleg received the „Customer Satisfaction
Award“ by 5th year in line,
and the one from 3rd year in
a row.

German Course Examples
If you take part in a language course at Kästner
Kolleg, you will speak German from the word “go”.
We teach German only in German according to the
communicative method. The newest teaching
material and its practical application in role-play
games, learning projects, and excursions assist in
the learning process.
Intensive Course "Standard 25”
Age Group
Ages 16 and up
Course Content
General Language Skills
1 to 50 weeks
Start Dates
every Monday | except from
June 23th– Sept. 12 (see
>Summer Courses)
Start dates for
beginners+ regular
January 6; February 3; March 3
+31; April 28; May 26; June 23;
July 21; August 18; September
15; October 06; November 13;
December 8
A1 - C2
Time of Course
09.30 - 14.00, Monday -Friday
25 x 45 Minutes per week + Self-
study center
Number of
Average of 7 students, 12
Freetime Program
Min. 2 weekly activities +
Weekend excursions by request
Guest family | Shared
apartment (WG) | Private
Course Description
Basic Levels
In the three Basic levels (A1 – B1) of our Standard-
Intensive Course, you’ll learn to understand through
listening and reading, pronunciation, grammar,
writing, and basic vocabulary. The emphasis of the
course is always to speak and make your self
understood in everyday life.
Advanced Levels
Fundamental vocabulary and grammar as well as
the other skills are systematically built upon. The
focus of this course is on speaking freely and on the
different uses of language in spoken and written
We continuously practice our German in real contexts,
like dialogs and roll-playing. In this way you are able
right from the start to accomplish everyday situations and
you’ll feel encouraged as you take your first steps
learning German. What’s more, you’ll become familiar
with German culture, its land and people.
Course Levels and Scope
Each level (A1, A2 etc.) is covered by a 8 week
Standard Intensive Course (200 lessons). If you
would like to participate in the entire course,
please look at the Start Dates for each on our
website. You can also join a class that has already
A Typical School Day
The “Intensive Course 25” starts each day at 09.30
am. There are two breaks, from 11.30 am to 12 pm
and from 1 pm to 1.15 pm. During this time, you
can relax in the neighboring park, help yourself to a
beverage from the cafeteria, check your email, or
chat with your friends.
Afterwards there is the possibility to use what
you’ve learned in Free time activities, check out a

film from our media library, or surf the net.
Everything is included in the price of the course. At
weekend we go on excursions where you visit
Saxony, Berlin, or Prague.
After the Course
Once you’ve completed the three basic levels (A1,
A2, B1 = 24 weeks) you are ready for the B1 German
Certificate Test. You can file your test results with
us. We are proud of our students’ 95 percent pass
rate. Of course, once you’ve finished level B1 you
can immediately continue with level B2 and prepare
yourself for the University entrance tests DSH or
TestDaF (->DSH) or for occupational requirements (-
>German for Careers).
Intensive course "Summer 30”*
*You can book this course also with 25 lessons p.w.
Age Group
Ages 16 and up
Course Content
General Language Skills +
1 – 12 weeks
23.6 -12.9.2014 / every Monday /
→Module Starts
from level A2
Beginners →see intensive course
“Summer 25”
Time of Course
09.30 to 15.30 Monday - Friday
30 x 45 Min. + access to
independent study center
Number of
Average of 9, 12 maximum
Freetime Program
5 weekly activities – 1 weekend
excursion every 2nd week
Guest family | Shared apartment
(WG) | Private apartment
Course Description
If you are looking for maximum learning progress in
the shortest time possible, and if you already
possess some prior German knowledge, we
recommend the Summer Course 30, with 6 lessons
daily. Besides the Morning Classes there are 5 x 45
min. of conversation Classes per week in the
afternoon, where you will be compelled to actively
participate at all times. You will research current
themes and work together with students from
around the globe to create presentations for land
and cultural projects – always with the aid and
support of your trainers.
A multifaceted freetime program rounds out your
summer course and you can readily try out your
newly gained German skills. Field trips and
excursions are organised and run by people who
know Dresden well. You will have the opportunity
to meet interesting people and visit places around
Dresden. This way you can experience daily life in
A Typical School Day
The “Summer Course 30” starts each day at 9.30
am. There are breaks from 11.30 to 12 pm, from 1
pm to 1:15 pm, and 2 to 2:30 pm. During this time,
you can relax in the neighboring park, help yourself
to a beverage from the cafeteria, check your email,
or chat with your friends. After the morning class,
you can get some lunch at one of the many nearby
pubs, cafés, biergartens or bistros or have a picnic
at the neighboring park.
Fully recharged, it is then time for a lively
conversation course, filled with serious topics as
well as games and entertainment. And if you’d like
to relax a bit while still keeping your
German skills sharp, then take part in the Freetime
Activities like beach volleyball, bowling, swimming,
cycling, steamboating on the Elbe, outdoor concerts
or cinema. The free time possibilities are
countless. During the weekends we go on
excursions where you can discover Dresden’s
surroundings, like the enchanting Saxon
Switzerland, Berlin or even Prague. Everything is
included in the price.

DSH/TestDaF exam preparation
16 and up
DSH/TestDaF exam preparation fpr
See start dates on :
1 – 12 weeks
Time plan
09.30-14.00, Monday - Friday
25 x 45 Minutes + independent study
Average 5 students (max. 12)
Free time
2 weekly activities
Guest family | Shared apartment
(WG) | Private apartment
Course Description
Our 4 to 8 week intensive course for the DSH/
TestDaF preparation training with 25 weekly lessons
is ideal for you if you have already reached a C1
level of German and would like to prepare
effectively for the high demands of the
DSH/TestDaf German language tests for university.
In this course, the focus is on training skills and
problem solving strategies that will be demanded of
you in the tests. For example, we will practice
different tasks like reading comprehension and text
summary, scientific writing based on provided items
or simulating an oral testing situation where you
must speak with coherence about a topic from
politics, technology or humanities.
Exam Simulation
The core of the training course is the exam
simulation. You will take complete tests in the
actual time restrictions. By means of realistic
testing, you will get a feel for the demands and for
the availability of the time permitted. After
analyzing your results, you will receive help and
valuable tips so that you will be optimally prepared
on the day of the test.
Typical Schoolday
The class begins each day at 9.30 am and ends at 2
pm. There two breaks from 11.30 to 12.00, and
from 1 to 1:15 pm during which you can relax in the
neighboring park, fetch a drink from the cafeteria,
check emails or visit with friends. In the afternoon,
you can use the independent study lab to enhance
what you have learned, or to help with projects.
We’re always there to help out. And at weekends
we go on excursions, where you can discover and
explore places like Berlin or Prague.
Evening part time courses: “After Work“
16 and up
General Language / Career
oriented German
4 - 50 weeks
year round
See start dates on our website:
Beginner A1 to Advanced C2
Between 5.30 and 8.30 pm / two
meetings weekly
2 evenings with 3 lessons 45 min.
lessons per week
Average 4 students, 9 maximum
Course Description
If you are working or studying in Dresden and you
would like to learn German on the side, or if you
wish to improve your German for on the job, we
recommend our German Evening Course “After

You can visit this profession-geared German course
twice weekly for 135 minutes of classes. In this
course, all the general German skills and knowledge
is covered, but also language skills that you will
need and can use everyday at your workplace. The
lesson plans emphasize communication and are
practically oriented. The smaller class groups allow
students more opportunities to speak and to
develop skills more quickly.
Technical Language
If you need to develop specialized language for a
particular field, like economic, business, or
scientific German, we highly recommend additional
→ private lessons.
[DD]eutsch – A start package for Dresden’s
First we would like to say „Willkommen“ to all
„New Dresdeners“!
If you are the kind of person who needs German
foremost for practical, realistic situations, and if
you are a newcomer to Dresden and you haven’t
any German yet, we recommend our course
„[DD]eutsch“. While learning German you’ll also
have our help in dealing with bureaucratic hurdles,
and safe yourself some time in doing so. This course
combines our German Evening „After Work“ course
with an additional practical module as a private
lesson. Thereby you can use your German skills for
practical things like opening a bank account,
finding a flat, going to the Ausländerbehörde,
seeing a tax consultant or getting health insurance.
TIP: Of course you could rather plan for and
experience an individual culture program with your
Special programs
We also offer: One-to-One German Courses,
Business German, Teacher Training, Studienkolleg
exam Preparation Courses, InterCultural Courses,
Writing Workshops, German Online Courses,
German & Internships, German & Dance, German in
the City, German & Tennis or Horse-riding. Enquire
for further information!
Course Fees for German courses
Prices in €
W Week
Intensive course
"Standard 25"
Intensive course
"Summer 30"
1080 245
Intensive course
"Longterm 25"
eg. A1 = 8 Weeks = 1200 €
Evening part
time course
1 module = 12 Weeks = 570 €
Registration fee: 25 €
10 % discount for ISIC-Card holders or subscribed

We have several options for your accommodation -
whether with a guest family with half or full-board,
in a shared student flat together with German
students, or in a private apartment. Tell us your
preference and we will find your home away from
Host family
By living in one of our “hand picked and tested”
host families you will enjoy typical German
hospitality from the moment you arrive.
You will have many opportunities to practice your
German + get to know German culture and lifestyle
first hand. You live max. 30 min away from school
and can use the communal kitchen & bathroom,
laundry, TV, garden, etc. At your convenience you
can order breakfast or hal- board.
Co-shared Apartment (WG)
A room in a shared apartment ("Wohngemein-
schaft"- WG) with communal use of the kitchen and
bath room is very popular amongst Germans and our
students. Here you learn first hand about young
people and student life. Together with two or three
other (mostly German) students (on request only
women or men) you live like a typical student
environment: „small but mine“.
Note: This accommodation type is only for people
from 18 years.
Private apartment/Studio
If you prefer your privacy we can organize for you a
cosy or bigger private apartment as single, double
or triple. There you are fully independent and have
your private bathroom, kitchen, cleaning service,
full equipment.
Youth Hostel, Hotel, B&B also available on
Transfer Service
Our service begins the moment you arrive in
Dresden. We will pick you up from the train station
or airport and take you to your accommodation.
Accommodation Fees
→ Maximum prices per week. Discounts for long term
stay are negotiable.
Co-shared Student apartment
Self catering
95 €
Host family
single room, incl. breakfast
145 €
Private Apartment / studio
one room*, private bath and kitchen, self
catering, TV
ca. 350 €
* Double rooms, half/full board, B&B, hotel on request
Accommodation arrangement fee
50 €

Culture Programme in Dresden
Boring afternoons and quiet evenings?
…if you like it, but if not there is always a lot to do
in Dresden!
As a participant in a German course with Kästner
Kolleg, you become part of an international family.
After an intensive morning of learning German you
can relax and enjoy leisure-time together with
other students.
For example we take you on excursions to the Old
Masters Art Gallery, the Pillnitz castle, or to the
national park “Saxon Switzerland”. We organize
bike tours, game and film nights, international
dinner parties and BBQs, meetings with Germans, or
visits to local sights. And of course we join in
Dresden`s club scene, discos, and big festivals like
the open air film night at the Elbe River or the
International Dixieland Festival.
Whatever you like … climbing . trekking . biking .
Running . Sightseeing . Ballooning . canoeing &
rafting . Horseback riding . BBQ at the park . Open
air cinema at the river-bank . Semper Opera . Disco
. Christmas Market international lunch . cafés &
galleries . swimming . volleyball . museums & art .
Tennis . Trips to Berlin, Leipzig, Weimar, Prague ...
Note: our diverse leisure-time programme is
included in the course fees.
Stammtisch - typical German ?!
Weekly we organise interesting at the most
beautiful places and in the cosiest pubs of Dresden.
There you can have a relaxed conversation with
native Germans and other foreign guests aver a
Kästner Kolleg e.V.
Managing Direktor: Dr. Uwe Kästner
Address: Tannenstraße 2, D-01099 Dresden
Tel: +49 351 80 36360 | Fax: + 49 351 80 36894